Booking Questions

It is highly recommended to make a reservation whether by our online booking system or by
calling the booking booth at (850) 837-1293. It is very important for the captain and crew to
know how many anglers they will be working with prior to the trip. During the summer months it
is imperative that you make reservations to have a spot on the boat. Walk ups are always
welcome, but it is not a guarantee you or your group will have a spot on the trip without

During and Post Trip Questions

It depends on which trip you take. But in general: 4-hour trip – 10-12 miles, 6-hour trip – 15-
18 miles, 8-hour trip – 20-26 miles, 10-hour trip – 25-30+ miles.

If you have any questions not covered by this section, please feel free to contact our staff to get
the answers you need!  (850) 837-1293